Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Russ' 30th - 16th June 2011 Sanur, Bali

What better way to celebrate your birthday than at one of your favourite places in the world with some of your favourite people!

We had a fantastic week, catching up with family and friends who we generally have such limited time with.  The week was a blast, almost a celebration every night.  I think our kidneys were happy to see the airport!

It was great to have so many fantastic friends and family there to help in celebration for one special guys 30th Birthday..

Here's a few snaps from the Birthday Bash..

Shel, Mark and Beav
The Captain and Youngin

The Captain and his Two Wives

Tezza, Kev, Phyl & Mel

Mich, PJ & Trish

Ralph and Alan

Lee, Drewy, Russ & Benno

The delicious food banquet!

Russ and Putu

Phyl & Russ

Baby Lucy (who was meant to be sleeping but didn't want to miss Uncle Russ' 30th!)

The awesome fire dancers..

Reflecting on 30 years of life.. Congrats love xxx

The Flickering Flame outfits - what a hit!

The original Flickering Flame..

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