Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tugga Dog's ACL Reconstruction

When you say ACL Reconstruction most people think of an AFL Footballer having one.  Not for us.  Our much loved pup, Tugga, has just had major surgery to repair his Anterior Cruciate Ligament, which he completely tore off the bone!  It happened as  simply as landing on a rock the wrong way while playing with his mate at the beach. 

The surgery that the vet has performed will give him back approximately 30% of the strength that he had in his natural ACL, hopefully that is enough to get him by and lead a normal doggy life again.

He's doing well, although completely confined to indoors at the moment.  He has had a minor set back today, his wound has opened up so back to the Vet tomorrow for some minor surgery to stitch him back up and bring him back on track.  We are hopeful that next week he will start some physiotherapy and short walks.  Hopefully in around six weeks time he will be back to spending his days outside chasing birds around his backyard!

Will keep you posted.

C & R x

Some post op pictures after round two of stitching (stapling) the wound togther.  Hopefully the Elizabethan Collar will keep him away from removing his own stitches!

Our Wedding

Wow - what a day.

In the week leading to the wedding day we had nothing but cloudy rainy weather.  We were so lucky to awake on Friday 7th November 2008 to find the sun shinning and the birds tweating!

We married in the grounds of the Cottesloe Civic Centre Gardens witnessed by one hundred of our close family and special friends, a lot of which had travelled from far and wide to be with us.  After and short and sweet civil ceremony we headed to Cottesloe Main Beach to make the most of the picturesque weather.  After a few happy snaps we headed to Matilda Bay where our boat was waiting (very patiently) to take us to the Old Swan Brewery to meet family and friends and celebrate the day, and celebrate we did! What a blast - after all the hype and celebrations of the day we escaped for a much needed resort style honeymoon in Vanuatu.

Here are a couple of our favourite snaps from the day.  To date we still have not been able to choose any favourites for the wall!

For anyone that would like to order any prints direct from our fantastic photographer, Erinna Murray, can by contacting info@erinna.com.au

C & R x

Monday, October 18, 2010

September & October 2010

September means the end of football season and this year the Port Hedland Rovers were lucky enough to make the Grand Final.  Russell was also lucky enough to have five members of his family fly up to watch, three of which were a surprise.  It was a great game and the boys put up a good fight but couldn't quite finish the game with a win.  None the less it was a great to have family with us, especially our cute little niece, Marley, who had no qualms in being our mascot for the game!

One of our most favourite spots that we have discovered over the past four years of living in Port Hedland is 80 Mile Beach. This weekend we took to the road and visited with friends. It was our first visit since tropical cyclone Laurence hit in December 2009. Whilst the damage was extensive the staff are working hard at restoring the grounds to their pre-cyclone state. We had a great weekend even though we didn't manage to bring any fish home!

We hope you enjoy the snaps.

C & R x

 One of our cutest mascots, Javier, and Deb

The Tropiano Clan getting in the Bulldog's spirit!

Some of Russ' cheer squad

Mykalah ready to cheer away

It didn't take Marley long to get in the spirit of things

Russ breaking the banner as he captains the side on to the ground

There was fish caught!

There's a first time for everything.  I even managed a couple of  'doughnuts'!

Sunset at Eighty Mile Beach - Stunning